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  • Product Code: French Matt & Sleek Square
  • Brand: Multipro
    Color Theme: Unisex
    Frame Material: Stainless Steel (RustProof)
    Outer Finishing: French Matt : Muted / Matt &am
    Pipe Shape: Square
    Assembly Time: 2-3 Minutes
    Recommended Age: 0 To 18 Months
    Control Type: Manual

  • Glossy & Matt Finishing Options
  • 100 % RustProof Stainless Steel
  • Noise Free Swing - No Lubrication Required


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Quick Setup

Variations In Models: 

French Matt: Muted (Matt) finished stainless steel pipe frame structure gives Royal, Rich, Dominating & Extra ordinary Look to the frame.

Sleek Square: Glossy (Shiny) stainless steel pipe frame structure gives lustrous mirror reflective shine to the frame. 


After Folding : ww x dd x bb

In Use :  ww x dd x bb 

Weight : xx Kg

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